May 24, 2022

Еще два слова про исчезнувшие релизы

Агрегатор, с которым я работал, ушел из РФ. Недавно он начал удалять релизы с русских платформ: ВК, Яндекс, «Звук».

Я написал запрос и получил ответ.


Thank you for reaching out and we understand your frustration here. Some partners like UMA, Yandex, and Zvuk are not able to be delivered to at this time and due to the ongoing conflicts and sanctions in Ukraine and Russia, content has been removed from these partners as we currently cannot continue a working relationship with them. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on when they will be available for delivery again. We continue to monitor the new sanctions and regulatory directives, which are currently changing on a daily basis and we thank you for your patience. Please note that the ability of UMA, Yandex, or other Russian DSPs to send payments outside of Russia, and our ability to receive those payments in the U.S. could be affected by sanctions from the U.S. or Russian governments, or banks could decide to block payments in either country. Unfortunately, there is uncertainty about the future of this situation. However, we can say that if and when we receive payment from Yandex or other Russian partners, we will attempt to pay you the following month like normal, assuming that you are able to receive the funds through a method that is not sanctioned by governments or blocked by banks.


Из-за санкций мы больше не можем работать с ВК, Яндексом и «Звуком». Удалили все релизы. Когда вернем, не знаем. Сможем ли принять от них роялти, не знаем. Ничего не знаем, будем следить за развитием событий.

Мои прогнозы: релизы не вернутся никогда. Роялти с русских площадок не придут никогда.

Перезаливать релизы не буду, потому что дистрибуции — пиздец.